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2016: Spring Day-Out

[well] Initiates Jack Fraser (Slug Fuck) – 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering Callum Fiske (Alice Titswell) – 4th Year Mechanical Engineering Morgan Ball (Radio Rapist) – 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering Orion Matthews (Nairopey) – 2nd Year EEE [/well] Summary After an expensive trip to Palma for the previous day out it was decided to keep this…
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2016: Winter Day-Out

[well] Initiates Alex Amato (Piss Lizard) – 2nd Year Aeronautical Engineering Michael Radigan (Shit Story) – 3rd Year JMC Robin Hendrickx (Shit Putt) – 2nd Year Civil Engineering [/well] Summary Due to the clubs adventures to Dublin the prior year it meant that there was a bit of competition. So the club decided on a…
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2015: Summer Day-Out

[well] Initiates David Reed (Ginger Napkin) – 4th Year Mechanical Engineer Chris MacBeth (Floating Haggis) – 3rd Year EEE [/well] Summary The club headed to Brighton for the final day out of the year to check out the holiday destinations that would not need a Visa after the looming referendum. The club was blessed with…
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2015: Spring Day-Out

[well] Initiates Hugh Wilman (Olympic Silver Balls) – 4th Year Mechanical Engineering Charlotte Baumhauer (Okterberfist) – 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Gareth Brinn (One Night Stump) – 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Jamie Curtis (Fluffy Jizz) – 2nd Year Chemical Engineering [/well] Summary March kicked off with a Day out for the initiates to Dublin. The Club…
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2015: Winter Day-Out

[well] Initiates Ed Durkin (Grandpa Cherry) – 4th Year Mechanical Engineer Jed Stephen (Sink Job) – 3rd Year Civil Engineer Gavin Roberts () – 2nd Year Chemical Engineer Jaimin Patel () – 2nd Year Aeronautical Engineer [/well] Summary The Autumn day out was organised as a London based one, involving breakfast in Star Café, festivity…
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